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Excalibur the Swordfish
Mermaiden Power






Reserved, Independant, Brave


Not Knowing Who She Is or Who to Trust

Scarlet discovered her true identity! Read more about her here!

Scarlet has been on her own all her life. She doesn’t know where she came from, only that her trusty swordfish guard Excalibur (or “Cal” as she calls him) has been with her all along. She was taken in and cared for from time to time by kind merfolk, but feeling restless, she never stayed in one place long enough to make it a home. She has a very strong sense of empathy–in fact, she can actually feel what others are feeling. She keeps this strange power a secret. That’s why she doesn’t get too close to other merfolk. It can be overwhelming to feel the fear, anger, pain and sadness of everyone around her! She can feel the good feelings too, of course. But the bad ones can be too much to take sometimes. She tends to avoid most merfolk, but always seems to find herself drawn to those who are in trouble or need help. Someday, Scarlet hopes to find out who she really is. Maybe then she can finally feel likes she belongs somewhere.

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