#68. Destiny Leads the Way: Calisto’s Collapse Part I of III

Mermaid Story from Mermaiden Destiny

I haven’t had many chances as a mermaid princess to defend the MerWorld, but the actions of Calisto, Noodles, and Damon give the MerCouncil no choice but to ask the Mermaidens to pursue justice for their betrayal. Although my special skills have come in handy in the past, the weight of using them to find these sea scum is heavy on my mind. What if I mess up? What if my powers don’t work?

I had to shake my thoughts of doubt as I hurried to meet the other Mermaidens, Sid and Amani, and begin our adventure to find the evil hooligans. Yesterday we met with King Malik. He told us the evil trio was hiding out at an abandoned sea stone factory that once housed the most precious jewels of the ocean. Queens’ crowns had been forged at this facility many tides ago, but it was now an empty shell. I wonder why they chose this spot? Something inside me shifted when they described the location’s history. Calisto is definitely up to something.

Although Malik couldn’t remember the exact locale because he was under Calisto’s spell, he did remember key things about the building and their hiding spot within. He drew us a picture of a guarded doorway adorned by a twisting snake with gruesome octopus tentacles flowing from the its body. He also remembered that once inside Calisto’s lair, a leather map hung upon the wall. Malik once asked about it and was immediately slapped by Noodles. This map seemed to mean something and we needed to get our fins on it.

We floated near the rear gardens of the MerCouncil’s palace waiting for Waverlee to arrive. She probably got distracted playing with her new bow and arrow that she learned to use in our special training. I looked around and saw a mixture of eagerness and fear on the faces of my sisters. Even though remnants of doubt remain, we’re prepared to face the challenge of stopping the sea witch and her demon pet. Thanks to the focused drills led by Amani, I’ve never felt better physically and mentally.

I was humming softly to myself when Waverlee approached.

“Sorry girls…and boys. My new toy is just too much fun,” exclaimed Waverlee.

“Don’t forget, you are welcome to shoot for sport, but please be prudent and careful when handling your bow,” Amani warned. “But don’t get me wrong…I love your confidence.”

I watched Waverlee’s cheeks turn a deep shade of rose. I couldn’t help but giggle and instantly felt better.

“Destiny – are you ready to help us find their location?” Amani’s voice was serious and determined.

“I’m ready.”

The sea was silent as I closed my eyes and pictured a stunning Caribbean sunset. I imagined myself as one of you – a human, with two dancing legs – on the beach listening to a conch shell band.

I began to sing.

🎵 The waves take me far away in the water that I love. Crystal blue skies match the light in your eyes as we swim away from our troubles above. 🎵

As I sang the last note, I could feel a tingle in my tail. It started pulling me away as I let my powers bubble and rise inside of me.

🎵 Come along and sway with me in the water as we dance. Join me to explore the caves and watch the golden fish twirl and prance. 🎵

My tail was really moving!! Without a word, our crew was racing deep, so deep into the dark waters. The trickles of light slicing through the water began to fade. I was worried about the others being able to see. I knew my tail would lead us straight to Calisto and Noodles, so visibility was imperative! Before I could call her name, Brynn was beside me, creating a golden ball of light with her Mermaiden superpowers.

Our pod swam faster and faster. I could feel our fins flipping in unison, swaying together in the water as my tail led the way. It was hard to say where we were, but I knew that it was far away from the MerCouncil’s headquarters. As the water became heavy against my fin and face, I sensed we were close. Evil in the water has a certain aura that I can’t explain. I realized we had arrived as my fin slowed down and I could see the rough outline of an iron gate. Sharp spikes poked out along the top, a warning to any uninvited visitors. We all moved stealthily toward the gate as Brynn lit the way. The lock was missing, so I opened the gate silently motioning my companions through to the worn-down castle before us.

Brynn continued to guide the way with her ball of light until we found ourselves at the imposing front door of the ancient palace. The heavy door was surrounded by two rusty brass columns that allowed Brynn’s ball of light to bounce off the water and illuminate a larger area.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a brief glimpse of a fin in the distance. I could just barely make out the arms of its owner as they moved quickly toward us.

“Get ready!” I yelled. I didn’t care if the mysterious swimmer heard me or not. “Someone is coming from the shadows!”

I could feel the water shift as my sisters and our friends positioned themselves in anticipation of an attack.

As the figure moved closer, I could sense its familiarity.

It was Damon!

Just as I was about to announce his identity to the rest of the mermaids, Mariana sped passed me with her dagger unsheathed.

“Mariana! Wait!”

But it was too late to stop her.



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