New Mermaid Story from Mermaiden Waverlee

The news was buzzing all around me. Everywhere I turned, someone was talking about Aldric. The words “missing” and “disappeared” were whispered all too often. I was shocked when I heard about it from my parents. Who would do something like this to such a kind old merman? And a MerCouncilman at that!

I threw myself onto my many pink cushions and quivered with pleasure at their soft touch against my skin. It’s kind of exciting, though, I thought to myself, with only a tinge of guilt. I wonder if someone’s going to come question me on what I saw at the MerCouncil! I giggled, and then frowned quickly, reminding myself that I should be worried.

Bubbles nuzzled my hand from where it lay across my torso. “Hey boy!” I laughed and cupped his head in my hands, pecking him on the nose. I scratched him right under his chin and with a goofy grin, he flopped down on top of me, pinning me to my bed. “Oof!”

I didn’t notice the hangings across my door being pulled aside until it was too late. Two little blonde heads darted into my room and pounced! I shrieked as my hands were pulled above my head and tied together with something that felt a lot like a tiny piece of string. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.

Above me, two sets of laughing blue eyes appeared at the edge of my vision. Sebastian and Coral, my two little trouble-making brothers, growled at me and made snapping noises with their teeth. “Oh no! Sharks!” I squealed.

I flopped around as best I could with my lazy dolphin friend still lounging on top of me. Then I felt sharp little teeth grab my wrist and bite down. “Ow!” I screamed, letting out a powerful wave that shoved everyone away from me. Coral and Sebastian went flying across the room and even Bubbles slipped off of my stomach and spun away. Everything was silent as I studied the bite marks on my throbbing wrist, anger boiling inside of me. With one look at my brothers’ faces though, I knew I was too mad to yell at them or else I would end up hurting them and I’d feel even worse. Without a backwards glance, I threw aside my seaweed hangings and flew through our home and out the doors. I kept swimming, trying to dispel the anger I felt by swimming faster and faster.

waverlee-handmirrorI made a list in my head to calm me down. Things that make me happy: seashells, human things, mirrors, Obsidian, my mermaiden sisters, Bubbles, making waves, my hair, helping people, cushions, colorful fish, my tail…

Before long, I slowed my pace and felt myself calm. It wasn’t that bad, I thought as I looked down at the bruised skin on my wrist. And I’m proud of myself for not blowing up at my brothers now. It’ll make it easier for me to forgive them.

I began to smile and as I studied the terrain around me, I realized that I had made it to the outskirts of one of the many villages in our kingdom. Many diverse colors danced in my view and I spun in circles to make them all blend together. I was laughing and dizzy when I first heard the yelling.

Curious, I followed the shouting to the source. A group of tall mermen stood around a tiny shaking mermaid, all curled up in a ball. Her lovely orange tail and short black hair were enveloped in sand and her eyes were scrunched in a way that indicated they also were filled with itchy brown specks. As I watched, the boys beat their tails to swirl up a sandy whirlwind around the young mermaid while she whimpered.

Rage filled me faster than it ever had before. I pulled one of my hands back in line with my shoulder and felt the water around it seize and clench and convulse. Aiming for just above the mermaid’s head, I thrust forward.

The wave that ripped toward those mermen was enormous, maybe the biggest I had ever created. The five boys never knew what hit them since the force of the blow knocked them all out as soon as it made contact. Good thing for them, I thought sourly.

I was terrified that I had hit the mermaid too, but just as I darted forward, she picked up her head and blinked at me. Her dark brown eyes were red and bloodshot and I could see the grains of sand scratching the surface. She lifted her fist to rub them and I quickly caught it. “No, honey, no don’t do that,” I said softly. “Here, let me help. I’m Princess Waverlee and I have a pretty cool gift that lets me control waves.” The little mermaid’s eyes widened at me and I smiled encouragingly. “Let me help you wash some of that sand out of your eyes with my waves okay? It won’t hurt at all, I promise. Do you trust me?”

She nodded without hesitating and I beamed at her. “Great! Then lay down.”

I rested her head against the ground and then gently pulled open her eyelids. With a flick of my fingers, I sent tiny ripples of water across the surface of her eyes, flushing out the sand. She started a little at the unexpected cold, but she held very still and before long, I was done.

“There! All finished, sweetie! You are so brave. I wish I was as brave as you! What’s your name, cutie?”

A small smile was appearing on her face the more I spoke. “I’m Ava,” she whispered. “Thank you for saving me Princess.”

“Tell mwaverlee-plantse, Ava. Why were those boys hurting you?”

She looked down and mumbled, “One of them is my brother and the rest are his friends. They didn’t want me to follow them but I did.”

I glanced over at the pile of mermen and found the one with a similar but darker orange tail and black hair. I felt so angry I wanted to throw another wave at him and make sure he would never bully his sister again! Instead I lowered myself to look Ava in the eyes and sent a gentle wave to pull the sand out of her hair. “If you were my sister, I would never hurt you for anything in the world.”

Ava beamed at me and wrapped her little arms around my neck, hugging me tightly. “My mom says that you’re stuck up and selfish, but I think you’re the nicest mermaid in the whole entire sea!”

I smiled at her. “Well, let’s get you home to your mom and maybe you can convince her, too.”


Meet Mermaiden Waverlee

Waverlee lives in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. She and her best FinFriend, Bubbles the dolphin love to watch the humans on the beaches and boardwalks. Waverlee’s royal Mermaiden power is to control the waves.

Meet Waverlee >>

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    OMG says:

    i love pink

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    Mermaid aquamarine says:

    Does anyone know how long the tails last before ¨breaking¨? thanks

    1. May 14, 2018 at 5:16 pm
      Lily says:

      I don’t know about anyone else’s tails, but mine’s lasted for a whole year and it still doesn’t even have a hole in it.

  3. Aug 22, 2017 at 6:51 pm
    waverlee says:

    i love my finfun tail

  4. Aug 19, 2017 at 1:33 pm
    Mermaid pro says:

    She is so fun and cheerful and happy 😊 😍😂😁

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    Mermaid June says:

    She is so fun! I want to get her tail.

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    sparkle musical mariana says:

    My favourite is mariana or Zoey

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    Daisy says:

    I love Waverlee

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    pink mermaid says:

    love the story

  9. Jun 16, 2017 at 5:02 pm
    No common Raven says:

    Go Waverlee!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jul 26, 2017 at 11:43 am
      Rachel says:

      I agree

      1. Aug 22, 2017 at 6:53 pm
        waverlee says:

        r u form canada

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    Gwynn says:

    Epic story!!!!

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    Mermaid lover Blythe says:

    Im getting the Asian magenta tail

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      Mermaid Michelle says:

      I got that tail

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        waverlee says:

        i do not under stand is it destiny’s one im not sure