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Apply to The MerCouncil

The MerCouncil is a special panel of mermaids age 6-12 who will serve in an advisory role to the makers of Fin Fun products. They will have exclusive opportunities to provide feedback on new/upcoming designs and products. Want sneak peeks before other Fin Fans? The MerCouncil will have the chance to see some of our designs in advance.

Other benefits include:

  1. FREE tail & monofin set.
  2. Special birthday gift.
  3. Opportunity to be featured on + website on the Fin Fun MerCouncil page.
  4. Opportunity to be part of a panel that provides input/feedback to Fin Fun on designs and products
  5. Sneak peeks of upcoming products.

Older than 12? Mermaids age 13+ can apply to become a Fin Fun Ambassador. Click HERE to learn more.

Applications open June 10, 2019!