Privacy Policy

What is a Fin Fun Ambassador?

A Fin Fun Mermaid Ambassador will represent Fin Fun in their community and online. Sixteen (16) Fin Fun Ambassadors ages 13 and up will be selected from four geographic regions throughout the United States.

We are looking for mermaids who are:

  1. passionate about swimming in their Fin Fun mermaid tail.
  2. a positive role model in their community, which can be shown in many ways: commitment to academics, talent in sports, community service leader, etc.
  3. active on social media and will commit to a minimum of two (2) social posts per month on their personal social profiles that tag Fin Fun with provided hashtags.
  4. committed to promoting Fin Fun’s promotions by sharing them on their social profile.
  5. committed to appearing at limited local events/meet-ups (as approved by Fin Fun)

If you are selected as a Fin Fun Ambassador, you will receive special benefits including:

  1. One Limited Edition or Mermaidens mermaid tail each month during the one-year term
  2. 10% discount on all orders during the one-year term
  3. Opportunity to represent Fin Fun at local events
  4. New tail + monofin package
  5. Opportunity to be featured on + website on the Fin Fun Ambassador page.
  6. Opportunity to be part of a panel that provides input/feedback to Fin Fun on designs and products
  7. Sneak peeks of upcoming products
  8. Special birthday gift