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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are under the age of 18 at the time of submission, you must have your parent or guardian apply for Mermaid Mania contests and giveaways on your behalf.

  1. Each Ambassador will receive one Limited Edition or Mermaidens tail each month during the one-year term, selected by Fin Fun
  2. 10% discount on all orders during the one-year term
  3. Opportunity to represent Fin Fun at local events
  4. New tail + monofin package
  5. Opportunity to be featured on + website on Fin Fun Ambassador page.
  6. Opportunity to be part of a panel that provides input/feedback to FF on designs/products
  7. Sneak peeks of upcoming products
  8. Special birthday gift

The MerCouncil is a special panel of mermaids age 6-12 who will serve in an advisory role to the makers of Fin Fun products. They will have exclusive opportunities to provide feedback on new / upcoming designs and products. Want sneak peeks before other Fin Fans? The MerCouncil will have the chance to see some of our designs in advance.

Other benefits include:

  1. Tail & Monofin set.
  2. Special birthday gift
  3. Opportunity to be featured on + website on "Ambassador" page.
  4. Opportunity to be part of a panel that provides input/feedback to FF on designs/products
  5. Sneak peeks of upcoming products.

For a one-year term, Fin Fun Mermaid Ambassadors will represent Fin Fun in their community and online.

We are looking for mermaids who are:

  1. passionate about swimming in their Fin Fun mermaid tail.
  2. a positive role model in their community, which can be shown in many ways: commitment to academics, talent in sports, community service leader, etc.
  3. active on social media and will commit to a minimum of two (2) social posts per month on their personal social profiles that tag Fin Fun with provided hashtags.
  4. committed to promoting Fin Fun's promotions by sharing them on their social profile.
  5. committed to appearing at limited local events/meet-ups (as approved by Fin Fun)

No, you do not have to own a Fin Fun mermaid tail.

Yes, because safety is always our first priority. Entrants must be an experienced swimmer who can perform Fin Fun's Mermaid Tail Ready Requirements:

  1. Floating on your back
  2. Floating on your stomach
  3. Rolling from your front float to your back float
  4. Treading water for about 1 minute
  5. Swimming 25 yards or meters unassisted
  6. Swimming 25 yards or meters with the dolphin kick

Sorry! This promotion is only available to entrants who live in the United States or its territories due to complex contest regulations in other countries.

No! This would be a violation of our terms and conditions.

Sorry! Entrants must be registered by their parents or on their own behalf if they are a legal adult.

Thank you for helping us spread the word! Please send them to

No! Most cell phone video cameras are perfectly capable of producing the quality of video we are looking for.

Yes! There is no purchase required.

Yes! Most newer cell phones produce quality photos for submission.

No! Please do not monetize your video submissions. If you do so, we reserve the right to ask you to demonetize it during our contest.

Fin Fun wants to see your personality shine! There are no specific requirements for your video submission - only that you show us why you should be selected as a Fin Fun Mermaid Ambassador. Be creative, unique, and authentic! Many mermaids are wondering if their video must include mermaid swimming. This is not a requirement. We'd love for applicants to be in front of the camera and tell us why they are the best choice to become a Fin Fun Mermaid Ambassador. Please remember - we'd prefer your video to be music-free. If you choose to use music, please make sure that you can provide documentation of permission to use the music in your video.

Fin Fun Mermaid Ambassadors will be the public faces of our brand (online and in person). Applicants who do not actively participate in social media channels (ex: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) need to explain in their application how they will promote our brand to the public using alternate methods.