New Video: Limited Edition Mermaid Tails

Fin Fun

Want to see Fin Fun’s new Limited Edition Clownfish and Blue Tang mermaid tails in action? Watch this awesome video and checkout the surprise guests that make an appearance. Even the fish think these mermaids are real!

All new and only from Fin Fun! Now you can look just like everyone’s favorite blue tang and clownfish while gliding through the water with a real fin of your own!

In stunning detail, this unique mermaid tail sparkles and shines with a new blend of custom printed swimsuit fabric and shimmery fish-scale texture so realistic you won’t believe your eyes. Get the look of an expensive silicone mermaid tail with the ease, comfort and light weight of our signature Mermaidens® fabrics.


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  1. so funny how a fish happened to swim next to one of them XD

  2. they should make different mermaid tails for different seasons. like a blue and white colored tail for winter, purple and yellow for spring, orange and brown for fall, and the maui splash color for summer.


  4. i am geting one of thos

  5. love

  6. How do you buy the limited addition mermaid tails

    • Visit

    • just like you would any other tail

  7. where was that? can I go there???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i want to go there too!!!!!!!!!!