Mermaid Sightings | Episode 22 – Featuring Jackie Wyers

Fin Fun

Episode 22! Something is coming in with the tide!

Big news for the Merworld! Strange tides have colored the pacific coastline. Merbologists are tracking it back to the Marianna Trench! Also, we have a special new mermaid featured on this episode! Jackie Wyers the makeup artist has been identified as a mermaid! Check out her tail color, it has been identified from Merbologist as Tidal Teal.

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  1. 2red bloody red

  2. I asked my parents if I could get Serena’s Rainbow Reef tail but I don’t know their decision hopefully it’s a yes. 😟

  3. I love it though i still dont have a mermaid tail and we dont have enought money to aford one and hwy my name is jaqui to!!! and wish i could get an aqua green one well by!!! love you

  4. i want to see fin fun make an aqua tail. i would love it!

  5. whoa

  6. I really love you love you love mermaid tails I’m gonna get a new one

  7. This video shows that you believe in mermaids

  8. This video is awesome

  9. i would like to see a mermaid tail that looks like it was tye- died in the colors of blue purple and pink

  10. I would love to see a sparkly silver and white mermaid tail, you could call it sea foam.☺

  11. very pretty

  12. i would love to see a princess blue tail (princess blue is a shiner version of royal blue and in shadowy lighting it appears to be a blue violet color)

    i would also like to see color changing tails (example: green when dry and blue when wet)

  13. a harley quinn mermaid tail!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love fin fun mermaid tails and I want wone so bad.

  15. i love this

  16. cool video

  17. I wish y’all could make your tales less expensive but the color that I would really like to see is a coral color

  18. wow this is amazing I’m hoping to get an aussi green mermaid tail from here and i cant wait to use it in the pool!!!

  19. white

  20. I like your tail

  21. light green and purple tail

  22. I want a orca tail

  23. Aqua, arctic blue, Ideal teal and Deep sea green all on one tail. Or a lion fish.

  24. You should e a white or silver tail.I love the Bali breeze I’m going to get it for Christmas. ks for being awesome and making my dreams come true!

  25. I like mermaids and I have a mermaid tail

    • Cool

  26. i love mermaids

  27. make a blue purple and green tail

  28. make dolphin shiny grey or an orca it would be amazing

  29. i love mermaids

  30. make galaxy and donate tail

  31. You guys should make a lighter blue tail

  32. White, yellow,& orange

  33. Dos the tail really shanges into colors

  34. I think you should make a white or silver tail, that’d be awesome! Or even a navy one.

  35. you should make a tail that is yellow and gold. Maybe another one that’s a shade of green, maybe one that’s a pale lavender. Maybe a tail with neon green AND lavender! I LOVE Destiny’s old tail. You should bring it back. Was that old blue tail that was the same design as her old tail supposed to be the other one of hers that changed to blue at night, like in the stories? I love your tails!

  36. You should make a tail that is silver and pale pink, and bright pink and sparkly swirled together. That would be absolutely gorgeous!


  38. yellow would look so pretty

  39. I like fin fun

  40. You should really make a white tail that would be so pretty

  41. omg love you girl

    • I love fin fun. It is so cool

  42. Black An blue


  44. WHITE

  45. I really want to to be mermaide so please Make my dream come true ❤️🤗❤️❤️

  46. Make a aqua color, i got a arctic blue mermaid tail, they are fun to swim in, i think im a real mermaid!!!!!!!!!!! :-]

  47. I’m a real mermaid everyone at fin fun

  48. Color green mermaid tails


    • i love your mermaid finfun

  50. 💙

  51. I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.You are the best.I just wish I had a Mermid tail.

    • I was just like you!!

    • I really want to be a mermaide i dream of It every day so please mate My dream come true

  52. where does that mermaid live

  53. i like your tail and the color because it changes colors
    and i like your videos so much and you look cute in them.

  54. Make a new mermaiden named Isabelle her tail color will be all the mermaiden combined she will be princess of all mermaiden she will have red hair and freckles her power will be all of there powers combined pleasssssssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thxxxxxxxxxxx love fin fun!!!!!!!!

    • i love your tail i wish i had one

  55. j adore votre site

  56. Lime green

    • love it

  57. How do I look at the previous episodes?