Fin Fun World News, Episode 19

Fin Fun

Episode 19: Princess Perplexity!

Mermaids and Princesses, what could be better?

This time, Fin Fun World News is featuring an incredible YouTube Channel! We have the stars from the hit YouTube series “Princess Perplexity”. They are going to show us how to throw the best mermaid pool party! Check it out and see for yourself!

Check out Fin Fun Mermaid’s Pinterest party board to learn how you can throw your own best mermaid part ever!

Also, for our discussion, who do you want to be featured on Mermaid Sightings next?  Comment down below and tell us who it might be!

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  1. Hi my name is Shane and I just got Waverlee’s tail and I love it!!!

  2. I am going to get a Fin Fun on my birthday.

  3. Feature a mermaid in Hawaii

  4. how do i send a video to fin fun

    • Don’t know


  6. ther is a mermaed in teaxes but she moved to florada ln the ocen

  7. Seven super girls

  8. Thank you fin fun for my mermaid tail.
    I got it on August 28th
    I have been wanting a mermaid tail for 3 or 4 years!

  9. lol your great

  10. i really want a mermaid tail

  11. Fin Fun you are the best mermaid website in the world. I am sure the princesses do appreciate you putting them on your show.

  12. i would like to see them in the water swimming

  13. 7 perfet Angels

  14. 7 super girls

  15. please put Crystal2005 and Jia85271 for FinFun world news

    • who are they?

  16. I just hope I have enough money from chores by the time I go on a cruise to Jamaica

    • Good Luck!

  17. I bought a mermaid tail with my own money

    • WOW!!!

  18. hi

  19. i know how to make a tail i’m a mermaid

    • WOW!!!!!
      I don’t even know how to make one!!!

  20. I want a tail

    • me to but my mom won’t let me

  21. I like princess

  22. Hi I want to see this place!😃