Orca Mermaid Tail


The swimmable mermaid tail you’ve been longing for has finally arrived! Meet our Limited Edition Orca design—surging with all the right doses of charm, grace, and power! Featuring the true-to-life markings of nature’s own Orca and coated with a shimmery finish, you’ll adapt easily to marine life as you explore beneath the water’s surface. Mermaiding will never be the same when you’re sporting a tail skin patterned after the largest dolphin of the wild.

Did you know Orcas are also known as killer whales? And that they’re highly social creatures? When you slip on your swimmable tail, you’ll feel inspired to swim with your pod pals as you explore the depths of the water (and your imagination) together. Our premium swimsuit fabric stretches four ways, so you can swim comfortably without worry! Plus, our material deters the effects of fading from the sun, salt water, and pool chemicals. When you buy from Fin Fun, you’re getting the best of the best in the fabric tail world!


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