Fin Fun presents a mermaid story from Mermaiden Destiny


I heard Serena’s exclamation and quickly turned toward the open door. MerKing Takumi and his mermen were already there before me. “Get MerCouncilors Darek and Raine beds to rest in while they heal,” he ordered. “As for Jia—”

“I’ll carry her.”

Sid swam through the soldiers to stand before the king. “She needs to rest, but it’s best to keep her with us so she can be a part of the discussion when she’s ready.”

I jumped in. “King Takumi, perhaps we can take this down to the MerCouncil room and lay Jia on one of the clamshell seats.”

He nodded. “Very well. You may carry her, Obsidian.” Sid gently took Jia from Serena’s arms and waited for the rest of us.

Everyone in the hall was causing a commotion. MerCouncilors were speaking over each other, making it difficult to hear any individual sentences. King Murdoch of the Celtic Kingdom swam before the councilors and raised his voice. “Alright, you lot! No one can understand you, so we’re taking this conversation to the MerCouncil room. Keep your thoughts to yourselves in the meantime. There’s much to discuss.” He then turned and led the procession downstairs. 

I swam over to one of the MerCouncil members and helped stabilize him as we made our way down. 

As we moved in relative silence, my thoughts swam in a flurry. So much had happened so fast! What did Calisto do? How did she overpower everyone? Where was Damon? I stopped for a moment, causing everyone else to swim around us. I haven’t thought about Damon at all! Did he escape with Calisto?

I hesitantly moved forward again and started humming. The tip of my tail started twitching, pulling me further down the building and to a room on the left. He’s here!

Grabbing a soldier next to Amani, I handed the disheveled councilor off to him. “Continue taking him down to the council room,” I stated, then turned to Amani. “I need your help. Damon’s still here.”

“What?” he exclaimed. “Alright, let’s take a couple of the other Mermaidens. Who would you like to come with us?”

Frank was chattering in my ear, obviously annoyed, but I ignored him. “Let’s ask Brynn and Mariana.” 

We told MerKing Caspian where we were going and asked him to have the others to wait for us in the council room. 

“Please be careful,” he urged before we parted ways. Mariana smiled and reassured him that we would.

“Lead the way,” Brynn urged, and I led them down a few more levels. We eventually parted ways with the main crowd, and it was eerily quiet without the sound of so many fins pushing through the water. Amani, Mariana, and Brynn looked into every room we passed, but I kept leading them further.

Finally, we reached a circular room that had multiple smaller rooms branching off from it. I nodded to the door on our far left, staying quiet. We slowly approached the door. When we didn’t hear any sounds, Amani motioned for us to move back. Gripping his spear with both hands, he rammed the butt of the spear into the door.

It flung open, and Amani immediately pointed the spearhead forward to protect us. Mariana pulled out her knife, Brynn held a ball of light ready, and I positioned myself behind them.

Damon was seated at a table in a large dining area with his head in his hands. Through the large windows, I could see that it was finally light out. It illuminated Damon’s pale skin and bluish-brown tail, but his face was shadowed.

“Don’t move!” Amani shouted. He approached Damon, ready to attack.

Damon lifted his head and stared at us. Something was off about him.

“His eyes!” Brynn exclaimed.

She was right. I thought back to the day we fought Calisto and Damon’s fiery yellow eyes when he was under her spell. This time, his eyes were only slightly yellow, and his pupils were close to their natural size. 

“Greetings, Mermaidens.” He smiled and started to rise.

“Not another move,” Amani growled, pointing his spear inches from Damon’s throat. Damon hesitated.

Before I could gather my thoughts, Mariana barreled into Damon and forced him down, pressing his face onto the table. “You miserable little—”

“Easy, lass,” Brynn murmured, laying a hand on her shoulder. “Look at him. He was clearly under Calisto’s spell recently.”

Grudgingly, and with a few mumbled words, Mariana let go of Damon and backed away. However, she kept her knife ready. Amani took his stance again, pointing his spear at the MerCouncil apprentice. “Listen,” Amani ordered, “You have a lot to explain, so we’re going to escort you down to the MerCouncil room to meet with the other MerKings and Mermaidens. You can do so willingly or by force. The decision is yours.”

Frank continued to chatter from my hair, anxious for what would come next. I gently pressed a finger through my dark curls to rub his shell. We’ve got this, Frank, I thought. Last I knew, Damon was on our side.

Damon’s cheek was red from Mariana’s force, so he rubbed it and stared at her with his yellowed eyes. My muscles tensed up, and I saw Amani’s fingers tighten around the spear shaft. Mariana frowned at Damon, but she looked calm and ready to lunge at him again if necessary. 

Damon’s shoulders slumped forward. “Of course, Mermaidens. I understand if you don’t trust me right now, but as I’ve said before, I only want what’s best for the MerWorld. I’ll assist in any way that I can.”

I started to relax, but I saw that Amani, Brynn, and Mariana remained tense. 

Amani started speaking, not moving and keeping his eyes fixed on Damon. “Brynn, there’s a rope on my belt. Take it and tie Damon’s hands together. Mariana and I will watch him and use additional force if necessary.”

Brynn nodded and worked quickly to fulfill his request. Damon willingly held his hands out and allowed Brynn to tie them. When she finished, he tried to pull his hands in opposite directions. “That’s a good knot. Well done, Mermaiden Brynn,” he muttered.

Amani moved away from the door and positioned himself behind Damon. “Alright, you know the way, Damon. We’ll flank your sides, and you’ll swim at a nice and easy pace down to the MerCouncil room.”

Damon didn’t say a word and did exactly as Amani ordered. We moved silently, on guard the entire time until we reached the black marble doors. Amani nodded to me, and I pulled one of the doors open.

Mariana was first into the room. “MerKing Caspian, we’ve found Damon and brought him here for questioning before the council and royalty.”

I heard murmurs from everyone inside. Some of the MerCouncil weren’t so quiet about their disdain. I glanced over at Damon. He kept his eyes down and shoulders forward in defeat.

“Thank you, Mermaiden Mariana. Please join us.”

We entered the room to see everyone gathered around the black marble table. The MerCouncil sat in the clamshell seats on the far end of the room, while the MerKings and Mermaidens filled the seats closest to the doors. The emotions expressed on each face were different. Some were anxious, others curious, and some obviously angry. Most of the angry faces came from the council.

Mariana, Brynn, and I returned to our fathers and faced the council. Amani took Damon to stand against the wall so he could see everyone around the table, where another guard joined him.

After the water was still, MerKing Murdoch stood. “Now,” his eyes met each of the council’s and Damon’s, “we can begin.”

Meet Mermaiden Destiny

Destiny lives in the Caribbean Sea, her best FinFriend is a crab named Francois Crusteau (Frank, for short) and her royal Mermaiden power is her voice. She can find anything by sending signals with her voice and receiving the feedback with her super sensitive mermaid tail.

Meet Destiny >>

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  1. Sep 4, 2020 at 2:13 pm
    The queen of mermaids says:

    That is crazy and so cool I can’t wait to read it again

  2. May 27, 2020 at 6:51 pm
    Ryn says:

    Noooooo! Anything but a cliffhanger. Why?!?!?!

  3. May 26, 2020 at 7:25 am
    Ocean says:

    I’M A MERMADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. May 20, 2020 at 10:50 pm
    Mermaid Andameenka says:

    Can you please make the stories in paperback that can actually hold because my device keeps on shutting down! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!

    1. Sep 8, 2020 at 6:58 am
      dragongirl says:

      yes, that would be great cause for me I can only use the computer for 30 minutes a day

  5. May 19, 2020 at 1:08 pm
    SeaGirl says:

    Thank you for continuing these stories! I LOVE them!

  6. May 19, 2020 at 10:12 am
    Aqua GoldFluke says:

    Wow! That was a good story! Great job FinFun!

    1. May 20, 2020 at 10:48 pm
      Mermaid Andameenka says:

      PLS make more! Fin Fun YOU guys did a super good job!

  7. May 18, 2020 at 1:39 pm
    Mermaid Lover says:

    I have been waiting so long for another story to come out! I love it so much! Thank you Fin Fun for your hard work in these stories! I will never stop reading them. 😆