Working in my little underwater garden is one of my favorite pastimes. To nurture living things and watch them grow  vibrant and colorful  is one of the best feelings I know.

Today, while I was working with the new batches of coral, Akiko came zipping up to me. I smiled at her brightly. “Hello, my lovely little friend. Would you like to help me with this coral? They seem a little melancholy, don’t you think? Why don’t you swim over there and find some glow rocks for me? Maybe that will help to brighten them up!” Akiko whinnied with joy and quickly swam to where I was pointing. I laughed softly to myself and started to hum as I stroked the sickly little corals. The pale branches seemed to shiver and tremble frailly under my hand. They had had a rough few days being transported but I would nurse them back to strength. That is my job: To heal.

I heard Akiko whinny as she returned with three golden glow stones. “Thank you, Akiko!” I told her as I stroked her head. The glow stones are very helpful. They come from the Celtic Sea, way over by Ireland. Brynn, the mermaiden princess there, is a friend of mine, and she lights these stones for us with her magical powers. They glow a beautiful, soft golden light and give off heat that helps the coral grow. “I hope they’ll be enough to help these sick corals,” I said.

After Akiko and I placed the glow stones among the corals, we checked on the seaweeds. They were all doing very well and looked healthier than ever. Akiko was a little restless so we decided to go play tag for a while. Tag is Akiko’s very favorite game to play because she is so fast. I hardly ever win our games, but I love to play them with her anyway because I love to see her happy.

“Well, Akiko, I think those glow stones have had enough time to work their magic,” I said. “Shall we go check on the coral again?” Akiko whinnied her assent and we swam back to the garden. I gasped as I saw that they were still trembling and pale. The light just wasn’t enough! “What are we going to do, Akiko?” I said softly as I stroked one of the corals. “We have to find something stronger to heal them.”

Just then, Akiko dashed off, swimming away from the gardens. “Wait up, Akiko!” I called. She led me to a favorite spot of ours, a cave along the coastline that we call the Blue Cavern. There is a very special type of blue seaweed that grows inside that shimmers in the light. Sometimes we take our glow stones in and let the light hit the seaweed. The whole cave turns magnificent shades of blue! Usually, Akiko wants to play tag as we swim to the cavern, but this time she seemed to be on a mission.

“Akiko, slow down!” I called. The little seahorse whirled back and swam circles around me. I laughed and swung round and round, trying to catch her. She is so fast! She let out a little squeal when my fingers grazed her tail and then swam faster. Finally, I lunged forward and grabbed her tightly. We laughed and I did a little summersault with her in my arms.

jia-pearlsAll of a sudden, a light caught the corner of my eye. Curious, I quickly let go of Akiko, who beckoned me with her head to follow her. She swam down towards a big, moss-covered boulder that we had passed just a few moments earlier, and I followed with anticipation. As we got closer to the rock, I saw tiny glints of light sparkling in a little alcove by the bottom of the boulder. Always eager to explore, Akiko zoomed past me through the tiny crevice and I followed carefully behind her.

We squeezed through the opening and finally reached the alcove. I was astonished at what I saw: A nest full of bright, gold, shiny pearls! With a huge gasp and smile, I pushed my long black hair from my face, scooped up a handful of the golden treasures and held them up to my eyes. They glittered in the sunlight that shone through the blue ocean above. Akiko nuzzled her face next to mine and we stared at the beautiful orbs together.

I had heard of golden pearls, but I’d never seen any before. Pink and blue pearls are common and help with typical illnesses. There are also green pearls, which were perfect for cuts or bruises. But gold pearls can do so much more! It is said they can even cure misshapen fins or discolored tails.

I looked at Akiko and beamed. Combined with my strong healing powers, these gold pearls would allow me to cure the coral and so much more! I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Mermom and Merdad the amazing news! I reached into the alcove and scooped the pearls into my satchel. I always carry a satchel just in case I find anything to add to my ever-growing healing kit. Then, whirling my purple fin around, I set off for home, swimming as quickly as I could, with Akiko right behind me.

When we reached the garden, I swam up to the sickly corals and knelt in front of them. “Hold on, little ones,” I said soothingly. “You’ll be feeling as good as new soon.”

With that, I reached into my satchel, pulled out the gold pearls, and held them in the palm of my hand. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and blew on the pearls like birthday candles on a cake. As I did so, my magical healing powers turned the pearls into a fine glittery power which drifted in the current and landed gently on the coral. The brittle branches of the coral soaked in the pearl powder and quickly gained back their vibrant color. “It worked!” I exclaimed. “It really worked!” Akiko swam up to me and nuzzled my cheek with her snout, and we rested there, admiring the bright, healthy coral.

The gold pearls are the best healing ingredients I have in my collection. They have opened up a whole world of possibilities for me. Now, I have the chance to help even more of my finfriends! I am so glad that I found those pearls—helping others is how I find true happiness.


Meet Mermaiden Jia

Jia lives in the North Pacific Ocean in the Sea of Japan, where she uses her royal Mermaiden power to heal and give life to the plants and creatures she cares for. Her best FinFriend is a sea horse named Akiko.

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