Mermaidens’ Hidden Object Game

mermaid video game
Click to play the Mermaidens’ Hidden Object Game!


Tell us how you did!

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  1. i like mermaid if i see one i want to be blue

  2. I love it 😃

    • I love ❤️ my mermaid 🤡 🐟 Tail

  3. Thank you guys for my mermaid tail I love you guy so much

  4. The game is awesome

  5. I am going to get a tail

    • What kind?


  7. I loved mermaid tale AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    • Right and their relly fun!


  9. I did it!

  10. i love

  11. I got 6 mins and 14 sec

  12. I love fin fun they are the best 😍

  13. the game was a little bit confusing but i loved it.

  14. Well i enjoyed the game it was a bit confusing oh and by the way i got the limited edition clown fish mermaid tail it was amazing


    • hay me to witch one i’m getting the pink one with the scales

  16. i loved the game this is the best fin fun mermaid ever

  17. i loved the game

  18. Omg jia is my name and I love mermaids my friends say that iam all over h2o just add water I love cleo

  19. this game is boring

    • Fin friend can you add more games

    • Fin friend can you add more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Finished it was hard but it was fun

  21. I iove fin fun

  22. i like it because im want to be a mermaid

  23. I went all the way to 3rd level

  24. Doesn’t it stink in YouTube you try all the videos and they are all lies! But what if their was a little girl who dreamed about becoming a mermaid like me I wish I had a rainbow reef mermaid tail for free


  25. i havent even played the game yet

    • I did not play the game.

  26. I passed all of the 7 levels!!
    I want a bali breeze mermaid tail or clown fish..

  27. FinFin, Can you add some more games?
    Here is an idea. A game where you can make your own mermaid by putting ~~Example~~Mariana’s Tidal Teal tail, with Waverlee’s hair, you know?
    Put together anything! Please consider this idea!!!

    • Keep checking back! We have some fun things planned!

  28. great i will like to have two pinks

  29. i think you all are great and shod keep up the hard work.

  30. I will like fin fun till

  31. these are amazing i lov them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. what I like about this is that i think it fun and its for kids to learn how to find hiddenobjets

  33. I want a mermaid tall

  34. I didn’t pass the third level

  35. I want a free fin fun 😭😢

  36. Am so happy About my mermaid tail

  37. i did not go on the second level

  38. i need a fin fun mermaid tali , from julianna

  39. i can’t even complete the first level. 🙁 Can’t find the pearls. I am so bad at this………………

    • i agree

  40. hi i want a difrend mermaid tail

  41. 😍

  42. Hi

  43. Ive got Aussie Green but im still waiting for it to arrive coz i live in in Australia and Fin Fun is in USA Lol xD

    • am malaika i love mermaid

    • I have the Aussie green tail and it is so much prettier than how it looks in the photo

  44. I love mermaids. I can’t wait to get my green mermaid tail.

  45. i really want one but i can’t

  46. I love this game so much!

  47. i’m getting the tidal teal one and i’m so excited until i have enough money to get it!!

  48. I asked my mom if I can buy a mermaid tail and I asked my friend and she said on fin fun and I find the perfect mermaid tail.

  49. I am getting the arctic blue tail. Also don’t forget to order your monofin and your matching swimsuit!!

  50. Hi

    • Hi

  51. fin fun is soooo awesome i love it i even have a tail to go with everything it is so much fun to play all the games

  52. this is awesome so fun

  53. this game was so much fun

  54. How do I win a mermaid tail because its like im inlove with them there so cute

    • I like mermaids so much

  55. love it.

  56. I LOVE FIN FUN I HAVE ONE IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Your tail was cool

  58. I want an artic blue mermaid tail please!!!

  59. My daughter loved it

  60. It was kinda hard at first but I got to find most of the things. I like it!

    • that’s what my dad said

  61. I did great! It was so much fun! It didn’t take me very long al all! It was a little bit of a struggle at first, but I enjoyed it very much!

  62. It was really fun and challenging

    • I want a tale it will be fun to have at the beach coming up!

  63. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌

  64. How do I win the mermaid tail

  65. I did well. Daughter would love one. Her other one tore so this would be a highlight at the pool.


    • What

  67. Everyone asks where we got my daughter’s tail. She loves it!

  68. My poor niece couldn’t even play because of how the game is formatted- that’s just terrible. She is heartbroken because she can’t enter your contest.

  69. Would love to win the new limited edition tale

  70. Did great!

  71. I want a mermaid tale so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the Philiphines

  72. Y’all are the best!

  73. terrible

  74. I did awesome really good

  75. I did well and I love mermaid zoey

  76. Fin fun , I really love your mermaid tails and they are so cute and colourful! Also can I have one ? Can I have purple sky ?

  77. I really want to get my teen one to it’s just too expensive.I might even get my 19 year old one.Fin fun is so amazing.PS My daughters think it’s amazing too.

  78. My child really loves this she is forcing me to buy all the fin fun tails.;)

  79. I took really long to load but was fun

  80. I love the colors of the fin fun mermaid tails. They are so beautiful and colorful!!!!!!!!!

  81. i love it and i love the colors of the fin fun mermaid tails1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. loding the gams

    • Fin friend can you add more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Stay tuned, FinFriend! We’ve got some fun things in the works. 🙂

  83. your the best fin fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Mari

    I am actually from Norway and have asked my parents like so many times.
    I realy wish I could get one of this beautiful tales, I would like to get Ausee green.

  85. I wish I had one to me and my friend love them

  86. hey guys thank you so much I can’t wait to try out the mermaid suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Sorry, to say but on the Hidden object game it didn’t even let me play like i tried to click on one of the objects but it would NOT let me i kept on trying but it would’nt let me. But i love my tail and monofin it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!

  88. I really want fin fun mermaid but i cant ge it and i am so sad i acually want the zoey one cause i saw a lot of people have it and even my friends have she have the malibu pink one and i would love one please hopefully my mom allows me its been 2years since i want it i love if so much i watch a lot of finfun mermaids and i love yoy fin fun mermaid its os sad that i live in indonesia and its a long way to send it here hopefully i an get one
    My name is Ashley 🙁 if you are kind enough can you send me one one p,ease i am dying to try i swim like a mermaid with my legs but its not colourful and fun so if you send me one please Emily . Ps love your fin fum mermaid tails 🙂

  89. I can’t wait to get a mermaid tail! I need a lot of money, but I counted the weeks including my allowance, and I’m going to order one on April 30th! I’m seriously counting down the days! Can’t wait! 🙂 I love you Fin Fun!!! #MermaidsForever

    • your so lucky

    • you seem like a pretty cool person #sarah

  90. I love the mermaid tail that you gave me.

  91. I cant wait to get my mermaid tail. it’s gonna be crystal blue. getting it today. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. I have mediam lingth and brown hair with brown eyes what tail my mom says the artic blue i just dont know help me please.

    • I think you should get the rainbow one from serena 🙂 It goes well with your hear color!!

    • madison strickland I think you would look AWESOME in any one of them, but how you describe yourself I think you should get the Aussie Green.

  93. this is an awsome website I love you guys!!!!!!!

    • love it.

  94. did u hear that in nz mermaid tales r banned in public pools because it is considered unsafe. people should do their resurch before they bann things! u shouldn’t get a mermaid tale if u can’t swim!

    • I hear you out practice swimming in a pool if you have a pool at your home then cool practice there if you don’t then go to a public pool or a family member’s or friend’s pool


  95. I got a blue and green mermaid tail from santa. Yeah!

    • me too i got the zoes aussie green i <3 it!!!

  96. i gotz a mermaid talezzzzzz

  97. did it in 1min!

    • i dont know how to play

  98. Tomorrow i think I’m supposed to get a mermaid tail. Its going to be the green and blue one. I’m so exited!

    • that one is awesome my friends love it

  99. that game was awesome. it was challenging for some of them but it was so fun

  100. I finally got my fun fun mermaid tail Malibu pink I love it so much I love you fin fun I love all the tails thank you so much


  102. hi!

    • sup

      • have u got a sister called Brooklyn?

  103. I love mermaids and I can’t wait for my fin fun mermaid tail

  104. I want a mermaid tail for free but i cant please give me free finfun and you are the best nice finfun mermaid tail

    • no offence but that is not happening

  105. i have long black and brown hair and brown eyes wich one is perfect for me?!

    • All is perfect for you,you are beatiful at anything

    • i think asian magenta would sute u

    • rainbow one 🙂 It’s awesome with dark brown hair

  106. it is super fun. i think destini’s orange tail is the better one for me

    • i love my super tail

  107. FinFun mermaid tails are sooooooooooo fun I got one last year and I still use it heaps although its winter its way to hard to resist using it!!! 🙂

  108. i have darkish blonde hair and blue\green eyes what tail should i choose

    • Zoeys I think it will look great on you!!! 🙂

    • Zoe’s mermaid tail is perfect

  109. Sadella, I think Zoey’s blue and green tail would look good on you!! 🙂

  110. Which tail would look best on me ? I have Long Brown Hair and brown eyes and i like the color green and blue .

    • you should have Zoey’s tail. I think Zoey’s tail would look the best on you

    • orange will look great on you trust me

      • Yes

  111. The game went good I loved the game

  112. I have cool/light brown hair with blond/white highlights and ends, and i have bluegreen/bluegray/green eyes. I also have tanish skin, what tail would look best?

    • Aussie Green!! That would look so good!! 🙂

  113. i win

  114. I LOVE mermaids! my favorite tails are the one from H2O and the green and blue scaled!! 🙂

    • Oh my mermaids i love h2o two! it is my favorit mermaid shoe

  115. I can’t find anything 🙁 but I’ll give it another try:)

  116. I got 1:45 on the hidden object game!

  117. Maybe.

    • Do you have a mermaid tail of any kind??? 🙂

  118. how can we do printible prints?

  119. p.s im andrea’s dorter and i live in america i would realy like a artic blue tail on my birthday but i dont have enauph money and i realy realy need one in a week please help i told you one day i cryed for it

  120. sorry I posted my qustion 2 time

  121. finfun how much is shipping im crying because I only have 75 dollars

  122. How long does it take for the order to arrive? I live in the Philippines.

  123. i bought one but it was crazy how much money they were and i wanted a coupon but i just needed one so badly that i didnt care and i just bought it these are going to make my summer great

    • you can ask for a gift card

      • i love these tails because they are super easy to use and i have the aussie green and my older sister brooke has the rainbow reef and they are so pretty. when i picked my tail out it was such a tough decision because they were all so pretty even rooke who is 15 couldnt decide and she is so annoying she says that mature teens should know how to make decisions. i dont agree with her but it was funny how she always says that and yet she couldnt make a decision herself.

        • That is funny!! Btw, Aussie Green is my favorite!!

          • oh thanks she drives me nuts

  124. I would like an Arctic Blue mermaid tail… Thanks, Starlight

    • I have black hair and I really want to be a mermaid.

      • just buy a mermaid tail if you really want to be a mermaid

      • Sofia, any tail would go beautifully with your hair. But if you cant decide, try Serena’s Rainbow Reef tail.

  125. My height is about 1.43m-1.53m and I don’t know if i’m size 10 or 12. Do they stretch after you wear tem a few times? Also I live in Australia and it’s more expensive do you know if u have anymore coupons or discount codes? I’m hoping I could have one if there is one.

    • YES! They do stretch out after a few swims dori I have my oun and it did shretch out but its totally worth it! And the fact that it stretches out is helpfull because then it still fits when you get taller!

  126. Is there a place where I can get a coupon for these tails?!


  128. IS THERE A PLACE WHERE I CAN GET A COUPON OR DISCOUNT?! ( oh sry, didnt mean to do it in all caps.. 🙁 ) Please tell me if there is a way!! I need one of those tails!!! Thnx!! 🙂

    • there is a coupon but i don’t now about the discount

    • can i get some mer maid lessons too!!!

  129. Hi FinFun! I just wanted to ask you guys what size you think I old should wear for a fin fun mermaid tail? Size12 or AdultXS?



      • hi finfun i got waevalis im nine do you have a place to swim in whith other mermaids if you do tell me.

      • are you ever going to write me back ?


    • Hi Teresa go to there website wich is from there get an adult to help you! Good luck with your tail!!!

      • I just literaly just got my fin fun mermaid tail 2 minutes ago and I love it already

        P.S. I’m wearing it right now

        • i to i have the fin fun mermaid tail 2 minutes ago what is your my is green your;s

        • LOL. That is exactly what I would do.