Mermaidens Night Before Christmas

Ever heard of the night before Christmas? Here’s one for our mermaids! Listen as Grandpa Jerry, the founder of Fin Fun will read us the magical tale of the Mermaiden’s Night Before Christmas. In this story, the mermaiden Crystal wakes up on Christmas Eve to a wonderful surprise! Watch to find out.

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  1. Wow that’s an amazing story

  2. I loves it!!

  3. I liked the mermaid video 😍😻

  4. That was a cool story my sister and Iloved it very much very enchanting

  5. when is mermaid mania coming in 2017 someone tell me

  6. I never knew these where the people who started fin fun!there brilant

  7. I love fin fun mermaids, thank you for creating it!

  8. i love fin fun

  9. He made me cry in the begining he read really well and i like reading


    • yes

  11. Amazing

  12. Your right this was great

  13. Very cool, the story!