Mermaid Mania 2015 Grand Prize Winner Video: Nonni’s Story

Fin Fun

Go behind the scenes with Nonni and her mom Sarah as they experience winning the grand prize of Mermaid Mania 2015. The video crew of Fin Fun came to them and captured the smiles, laughs’ and fun from the Mermaid Party for Nonni and her 5 friends.

Thanks to Nonni and Sarah for telling us their story!

To find out more about Sarah and Nonni and their inspiring story, check out their blog post:

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  1. I’m so happy for Nonni!!!

  2. OMG she has ALMOST the same name and nickname!!!XD

  3. I’m a big fan of a fun filled mermaid tails

  4. wow i want to win that you have good drawing.

  5. OH my fins!! She TOTALlY deserves that tail!!!!! Great job!!! 😀 😀 (.: WOOO! SHe’s so sweet! SHE SOOO DESERVES THAT TAIL!!! GO NONNI! 😀

  6. you are lucky

    • soo luky i relly wanna win 💔

  7. i wish that was me because i always wanted to be a mermaid

  8. I have the pink one

  9. i have the serna rainbow tale

    • I have a blue and green one.

      • Me to.ive love swimming and mermaids since i was a kid i love drawing them and being one of the mermaids.they are my heart and sole. <3 <3 [:
        and I'm so happy her!she totally deserves it.

  10. that was so sweet

  11. she is so sweet

  12. 4 more days till I get one

    • you are your lucky


  14. you diverse that tail. you are a sweet girl. one more thing have fun with your mermaid tail. 🙂

  15. haw do you get a chanse to whin

  16. Awesome

  17. that is so cool. Have fum
    n with your tails.

  18. congrats

  19. That is so cool. I didn’t know there was a contest intill now.

  20. I’m jealous of your tail!! I have Crystal’s blue mermaid tail.


  22. have fun with your tail

  23. Cool, if I won I would get a rainbow tail. You rock

    • you are so lucky finfun is awsome i have finfun and i love it and by the way my name is ajla